“Eyebrows are the most important element of your face’s architecture. A perfectly groomed brow is a powerful, non-invasive way to define and enhance your features. All my treatments are customized to the individual and carried out in consultation, so that while we advise on what would perfectly suit your face, it’s also about the look you want to achieve that will give you confidence.”  — Kenny Anker


Visit the Kenny Anker Brow Studio or the standalone brow studio in Magasin, Copenhagen. Choose from the KA Treatment Menu – our range of specialist services for brows and lashes. The Kenny Anker brow artists, a team of technicians that comprises both up-and-coming talent as well as more established industry professionals, have been selected and trained to gold standard by Kenny Anker.




This most frequently requested – and repeated – ultimate brow service has become one of Denmark’s most popular must-have treatments. Beginning with a short consultation, your brow architecture is assessed and recommendations made in line with the overall look you would like to achieve for your brows. Our technicians ensure your customized brow lift complements individual eye shape, bone structure and general appearance. Includes precision work with a tweezer, gentle wax and color-perfect match.

Time: 30-45 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“In under an hour get better brows! the signature brow lift transforms the face with a strong, natural brow, you can instantly see the difference.”


This maintenance service is a follow-up treatment to the Signature Brow Lift, Manscaping and Teen Brows. Designed to keep an existing treatment in top condition, a Touch Up treatment should follow 2-4 weeks later only, and then as part of a regular programme thereafter. If more than 4 weeks passes after an initial treatment, Touch Up is no longer available, instead a full treatment is recommended.

Time: 25-35 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“After just one treatment you can see how a little attention to the eyebrows can make a big difference. It’s worth going back for the Touch Up as part of ongoing maintenance to keep brows looking amazing.”


Specially designed to meet men’s brow needs – often when a little help is required to tame the wild! Following a brief consultation and creation of a personal brow plan to suit individual face architecture, brows are enhanced and proportionally balanced to create perfect symmetry. The result is a fresh, natural and professional look. Includes precision work with a tweezer and gentle wax.

Time: 30 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“Don’t be afraid of a little Manscaping! You won’t be the only guy in the room. It’s a perfection treatment to tidy up and improve the look of the eyebrows but it also lifts the look of the entire face.”


Designed for younger clients who may be having their first brow treatment and require a little extra TLC and guidance. Following a brief discussion and creation of personalized brow plan, work begins on a natural look designed to highlight  the face’s best features, while bringing freshness and vitality. Leave with tips on brow maintenance, and the how-to on brow makeup and creating different looks. Discover what’s best for you, rather than following a trend.

Time: 30-40 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“I suggested Kenny to my daughter as she was unhappy with her over-plucked brows. She says she’s a lifelong client now as not only does she love her fuller looking brows, but loved the extra tips on styling at home and brow makeup.”


This ultimate in lash styling includes a lash lift to enhance and set the shape of lashes with a better-than-natural curl, followed by a lash tint treatment. Expect added lift, separation and extra definition that will last the natural growth cycle of lashes – between 4-6 weeks. It’s the low maintenance way to get every day red-carpet lashes!

Lash Lift etiquette: Arrive without eye makeup and do not apply makeup,  cleanse or use water in the eye area for 24 hours after treatment.

Time: 30-45 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“The lash lift and tint treatment is everything you need to roll out of bed looking fabulous, it’s the real no makeup-makeup look.”


If you want effortless, every day lovely lashes, then this treatment is the answer. Eyelashes are gently dyed – our technicians will advise on the perfect color match to your individual complexion, eye and hair color – with a semi-permanent dye that lasts 3-5 weeks.

Time: 20 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“Walk away from the lash tint treatment with a wide-eyed defined lashes look that won’t need mascara.”


This specialist, semi-permanent treatment is designed to gently take eyebrows a shade or two darker in order to create brows that better frame the face and that lift the overall  look of the features. Our technicians will advise on the perfect color match to your individual complexion, eye and hair color – using a semi-permanent dye that lasts 3-5 weeks.

Time: 15 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“Quick, easy and with an instant result, it’s a fast-track to thicker, healthier eyebrows, a look that works on anyone.”


In addition to creating your best brows and lashes, why not conclude your session with one of our extra treatments to complete your look. Choose from the popular Upper Lip Wax, Chin Wax, or a combination of the two – the Lip & Chin Wax.

UPPER LIP WAX – Time: 15 Minutes 

CHIN WAX – Time: 15 Minutes

LIP & CHIN WAX – Time: 15 Minutes

What Our Clients Say:

“There’s nothing like feeling perfectly presentable. Brows, lashes, plus a quick lip and chin wax… then you’re ready to face the world.”


Apprentice Brow ArtistSpecialist Brow ArtistMaster Brow Artist
TOUCH UP350,00 DKK400,00 DKK450,00 DKK
MANSCAPING350,00 DKK399,00 DKK399,00 DKK
TEEN BROWS350,00 DKK399,00 DKK399,00 DKK
BROW TINT195,00 DKK195,00 DKK195,00 DKK
LASH TINT195,00 DKK249,00 DKK249,00 DKK
LASH LIFT 465,00 DKK500,00 DKK565,00 DKK


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