“Give brows just the right attention so they appear natural… like your brows but better! Avoid working on them too much, so you won’t look over done. The Brow Brush is designed to be the master so you don’t have to be the pro. Just a few brush strokes with this expert tool means in the minimum amount of time you can achieve maximum results.” —Kenny Anker




BROW BRUSH (Coming Soon)

220,00 DKK

Coming Soon
Available from: 1. October 2019

What it is & What it Does
Control. Outline. Shade.

This expert angled brush is designed to give you optimum comfort and balance, providing a sense of lightness and luxury as you create your flawless look. Control powder application with professional precision and enjoy a seamless, smooth distribution of color, without transitions and without stripes.

Featuring vegan friendly synthetic hair. Pair with the KENNY BROWS Brow Shadow for best results.

How To Use
Prepare the brow brush with powder – dip in, then tap off excess. Place the brush tip on the inner brow, using the slanted edge to shade and the tip to outline. Brush upward to shade brows with color and to style. Follow the natural flow of hairs and encourage them into their natural shape… but perfectly so.


Kenny’s Tutorial Tips
I love it when you can do more with less, it’s space saving and time saving, so while the number one action of my brow brush is to help perfect brows, you can also use it to apply eyeliner to the eyelids.

To achieve a great brow you need a great brush. I designed my angled brow brush to shape, define and create the illusion of fuller brows, no matter what your brow type or chosen style. Perfection made easy!

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