Information about treatments.

Introducing Lash Lift:
The Lash Lift treatment gives a beautiful lift to eyelashes and is for those who prefer a more natural way to make lashes look longer. Your natural lashes will become beautifully curved, making eyelash curlers redundant! A lash lift can last up to 8 weeks, however a refresher treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks. This will ensure lashes are always kept in prime condition, despite the natural growth cycle of new lashes replacing old.

Procedure: Throughout the treatment eyes remain closed. After a gentle cleanse of the eye area, a moisturizing eye mask helps isolate the lower lashes from the upper. Next, soft silicone molds are placed on the eyelids so that lashes can be curled over them and held in place with a water-based glue. A lifting lotion is then applied for 4-8 minutes, followed by a setting lotion. If you would like, lashes can be colored – it’s complimentary within the Lash Lift treatment. The lashes are then released from the silicone mold, and after a gentle wash, your new beautifully lifted lashers appear.  Do not apply mascara directly after treatment, and do not take showers/baths or wash the eye area for a minimum of 24 hours. Should you choose to use water anywhere in the eye area during that time, we cannot be responsible for the guarantee. The treatment time is 30-45 minutes.

NB: Occasionally, for some hair types, lashes reject the treatment and therefore do not experience an optimal boost. Unfortunately, this is not predictable in advance. If this happens, it’s possible to repeat the procedure, but still with no guarantee lashes will accept the treatment.  If you feel your lashes have experienced too much lifting, this can be easily remedied through a Re-Lift treatment – a reverse lash lift. Please contact the Kenny Anker Brow Studio directly.

Extra information about brow lift, brow tint etc.

In all our brow treatments, apart from ‘Manscaping’, a brow tint is included in the price. For the Manscaping treatment, color must be purchased separately.

Client Question:
 “I know I can’t tolerate any color on my brows, can I still have a brow treatment?”

We carry out all our treatments with and without color. If you do not want color in your treatment, discuss in advance with your Kenny Anker Brow Artist. Please note, the price will remain unchanged.

Client Question:
 “I’m worried I might not be able to tolerate color, can I get an allergy test?”

Yes. We always offer free allergy tests if you’re unsure whether you can tolerate color. The procedure: We place a very small spot of color on your wrist and ask you to observe it over 24 hours, if you see no changes it is likely that you can tolerate the color, but as everyone is different, it’s never 100% guaranteed. Request your free allergy test at: info@kennyankerbrows.dk.

Client Question:
 “I’m experiencing redness/swelling following my treatment, what should I do?”

We recommend that you avoid makeup and keep the area clean –use water and a fragrance-free facial cleanser. The area should return to normal within a few days. If redness or swelling gets worse, seek advice from your doctor.