The Kenny Anker Story & Philosophy

I realized very early on, the power of the eyebrow to shape the face, and the art of creating natural-looking brows quickly became my passion. While I received formal training in a Norwegian brow bar, it was the out of hours research and constant trial of different technical approaches that honed my skills. At 18 I started my own salon, I was a mini entrepreneur, and despite being told I could not make a living in brows I followed my heart and never looked back.

My early pursuit for the perfect polished brow was the start of a lifelong obsession, I can’t imagine anything else. There’s nothing more rewarding than doing what you love day in and day out. Sometimes you have to just dare to believe… alongside giving 100% of yourself to what you do. Later in 2016, when my first brow studio opened its doors in Copenhagen, I launched the ultimate customized brow shaping experience with my ‘Signature Brow Lift’, which today continues to be one of the most sought after brow treatments in Denmark.

My treatments require precision. You must have the eye of an artist to asses an individual’s brows and improve their existing architecture, while maintaining the natural flow of the features. Clients put their trust in me and that’s something I don’t take lightly. Not only do I strive to create their perfect brow, but also to ensure everyone has the confidence and the know-how to become their own brow artist. I love it when a client sees the result for the first time, and understands the importance of sculpting and styling to achieve the best from their brows every day.

I believe every brow is individual, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, and not everyone suits the latest trends, it has to feel right for you. In June 2019, after two years in the making, my first product collection ‘Kenny Brows’ launched. It’s inspired by my client’s requests for the perfect brow makeup to maintain their look after a treatment and create new ones at home – you could say it’s the aftercare brow package! This edited range, designed to be deliberately not overwhelming, can be used by a brow novice or brow aficionado alike to fine-tune brows every day.

Kenny Anker